Used Tires For Sale

Benefits of Shopping for Used Tires

January 29, 2021

Tires are an essential part of everyone’s day whether you think about them daily or not. Your motor may make your car run but you won’t be getting far without a reliable set of tires. Tires come in one shape but many sizes and there are many avenues of obtaining them. In this article we will be talking about Used Tires and the benefits they offer.


In the event that you only need to replace one tire, choosing to purchase a used tire may provide a quicker and cheaper option to purchasing new tires. Oftentimes, tire shops won’t want to break up a set of new tires but will keep a good stock of used tires in the shop ready for this occasion. This gets you back on the road quicker and can save you the expense of buying a whole new set of tires.

Lower Cost:

Going off the point above, buying one tire is always going to be cheaper than buying a set of tires. Used tires also hold the advantage of costing roughly half as much as a new tire and are typically in great shape despite the “used” label. 

Condition of the Tires:

When purchasing a used tire, you can expect to get roughly 40-70% of the tread of the tire left. The amount of tread left will relate to the price that you pay for the tire. In most cases this is going to give you a substantial amount of mileage for the money that you pay. 

Used tires are a focal point of Take Off Tire, we keep a great stock of premium used tire inventory. If you’re needing a quick and economical fix to get back on the road, give us a call at: 402-413-6646.

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